Saturday, September 15, 2012

Keep calm and carry on.

The original keep calm and carry on! One of my favorite sayings of all time! Then every one made these creative other sayings of keep calm and __________ on.


Decorating itself is a huge big huge process itself. I would recommend decorating cakes with fondant frosting instead of regular butter cream bass. It makes the cake look done by a professional. Use a cake decorating peice instead of just a butter nife! Thanks! 

Cupcakes 🍦🍰

Hey tomorrow I am going to make cupcakes!! I think I will make vanilla with some of the butter cream I will post a couple of pics on here!! Talk to you guys later!!

Tuity fruity

Fruitey desserts are DElICIOUS🍰🍎🍊🍉! They are literally melt-in-your-mouth good. They're also great in the summer. Some I would recommend is apple crisp peach cobbler and banana bread um!!!